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Besides Senses Fail What Are Some Of Your Other Favorite Musicians? 

Leave me a message or a submission telling me which artists you are very fond of.

  08/08/12 at 08:23pm
  1. themaliciousveggieburger answered: Gotta go with Brand New, Transit, The Ghost Inside and Taking Back Sunday
  2. wretchedabomination answered: Black Veil Brides are pretty amazing.
  3. zerooutoften answered: I know they’re in totally different genres but I also my favorite besides Senses Fail is Kid Cudi. He speaks of emotions and problems too.
  4. iamthedyinglight said: BAH meant to type Killswitch Engage haha. I’d forgotten how much I love their melodies and song structure :3
  5. iamthedyinglight answered: Alkaline Trio, Silverstein, ARIA, Killswitch
  6. kurosakii-kun said: You can’t go wrong with om&m, pierce the veil, miss may i , and rise against c:
  7. jonahsucks said: Crucial Dudes <3 R.I.P.
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