kaitlynaislyn said: 

:O It’s flooded? Wtf I would kill people!

You know that scene in the Amityville Horror where the walls start dripping blood? Well imagine that but with water. Half my roof was dripping heavily, water was coming out of the light bulbs, it was something out of a damn movie. It traveled to my moms room and water dripped from her light but that didn’t last long because her part of the roof is okay. But with mine since that part of the house is an addition, it had gone to hell with these people “fixing” the roof. Thankfully it stopped raining and now different people are working on the roof. But so much of my stuff got ruined….. Radio being one of them.

  07/22/14 at 11:48am

My bedroom has turned into a pool. A bunch of my stuff is ruined because certain people don’t know how to do their damn jobs. So fucking over today and it’s not even eleven in the morning yet.

  07/22/14 at 10:53am


"They speak of my drinking, but never about my thirst" #themenzingers


I’ll put a little sour in your sweet, you’ve got so much fucking tongue in cheek. You want what you could never have.


Rest in peace girl, your death is such a shame. The paper said a bullet got in your way, but I smell foul play…

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Hugs right back at ya dear, hope you’re well.

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You’re welcome, it’s fine, hope you get some sleep :)

Not even going to try again, just become incredibly restless, and I’m tired which is the worst part. Oh well, we shall see. <3

  07/22/14 at 08:18am

the-novaci said: 

You alright Indi? Here for you if you need to vent or anything, always

For the most part I am alright. Just one of those “I can’t sleep because I have too much on my mind.” Kind of nights, and welp here we are. And thank you. 

  07/22/14 at 07:58am

It’s too early to be making posts about unrequited love on Instagram.

  07/22/14 at 07:27am


Interview: Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail
Aug 19, 2004
by Tina Whelski

  07/22/14 at 06:16am